NovaXpress delivers a versatile and efficient solution for businesses seeking to transport their goods using diverse modes of transportation, thereby enhancing supply chain performance and cutting down logistics expenditures.


Our Intermodal Containers service presents businesses with a dependable and economical option for shipping their goods through a combination of transportation modes. We provide an array of intermodal container choices and services tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo to its destination. Leveraging our experienced team and cutting-edge technology, we optimize your supply chain, trim transportation costs, and elevate overall logistics efficiency.

Container Storage

NovaXpress Container Storage service furnishes businesses with a secure and accessible storage solution for their containers. Offering both short and long-term storage alternatives, we guarantee the protection and easy accessibility of your containers whenever needed. Backed by our proficient team and state-of-the-art facilities, we deliver a dependable and customizable storage solution to suit your business needs.

Container Shipping

Our Container Shipping service extends a reliable and streamlined solution for ferrying your containers to their intended destination. With our extensive network and seasoned team, we ensure the safe and punctual transportation of your cargo, thereby optimizing your supply chain and mitigating logistics expenses. Whether you require port-to-port or door-to-door shipping services, our Container Shipping service offers a flexible and tailored solution to accommodate your business requirements.

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