ABOUT NovaXpress


What drives us?

Our mission

Our mission is to provide services that build trust and confidence in the lives of enterprises, partners, and employees.
We are pushing the boundaries of the logistics industry through innovative operations, affordable infrastructure, intuitive partnerships, and every day technical capabilities bringing in unparalleled cost efficiency and cross province reach. We strive to make things accessible, to make life easy, to get businesses going, and to help keep Nova Scotia strong.


Novaxpress has a versatile fleet of over 50 vehicles comprising latest Cargo vans, Minivans, City Cargo vans, and Straight trucks. NovaXpress takes its social responsibility seriously. Therefore, we are due to receive our first electric vehicle EV by end of 2021 followed by a complete turnaround of the existing vehicle with EVs by the year 2025. NovaXpress is concern about greenhouse gases and we monitor our team’s driving behavior for speeding, idling, etc. with hardwired devices installed in the vehicles.

Safety is an important business at NovaXpress. We are investing in AWD vehicles for the mountain region to neutralize the rough terrain and unprecedented weather of Atlantic Canada and we further reinforce this satellite surveillance and real-time vehicle tracking. All vehicles are equipped with shelves and footstep for drivers’ comfort and ergonomics.




Always deliver more than expected

~ Larry Page